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Martin Lejarraga Architecture Office as Architects

The LoopINN Hostel is born with the aim of being and activity core for the city of Cartagena. The place where the hostel is established has many determinants: the university neighborhood where it is located, the nearby hill call Cerro de Despeñaperros besides other factors such as the topograpy and the history of this location. The project gives an answer to the factors explained before to attract a new kind of tourist and revitalize its surroundings and the city.


The building is designed, both interior and exterior, in several layers, where each level is qualified in a different way, that manifests the vibrating energy that the building has.


To the outside, the different aspects of the façade are materialized by the special designs made by the artist Ángel Charris. The designs connect the hostel with the city by interpreting the former values that the city and surroundings have: the sea, the city walls, the wind, the sun.


The first level of the facility includes the different street heights on its design, becoming a base for the rest of the construction. This two stories plinth links the common spaces of the project (reception, kitchen, meeting rooms...) with double level shared rooms, where the guests can enjoy and experiment new sensations and experiences.


The entry to this programmatic plinth and, therefore, to the LoopINN, is made through a double height space cover by a blue romantic style motif fabric that gives a unitary, homogeneous and colorful look to the whole room. This flood of color is only interrupted by an orange slide that joins the rest of the meeting and public spaces.


The sequence of layers continues scaling up in the three following leves, disposing several group of rooms with different capacity and services.


The goal of the whole project of establishing a relationship with the city and the social flows, is also seen in the design of the private rooms that push out the façade creating balconies that look outside. These terraces sequence the façade and orient, through a circular lattice, the sights of the guests to the streets, hills and port of Cartagena.


In the last stratum, the accommodations left room for a big and soft terrace bathed by the large amount of hours of sun light of this place, complementing the touristic offer of the LoopINN Hostel.

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