Luther Chapel

MODUM Architect Ltd. as Architects

The area is suburban, the surrounding land is characterized by detached houses. The plot is on the corner of the two streets next to the busy main road. A family house was built on the quite little plot. This was refurbished now and converted into a parochial building. Next to the house a new chapel was designed by architect András Krizsán DLA

The Luther Chapel in Budapest draws attention not by its unique form and uninteresting, unnecessary decorations, but by its simple architectural form designed for the liturgical function. The main part of the new chapel was located in the north-western part of the plot, with a 3m side yard according to the regulation and closing the view from the neighbours’ real estate. A one-story side wing leads towards the existing tent roofed parish building, - it stands 60cm away from the existing building comply with the building regulations, - but visually connecting the existing building to the planned new community house. The congregation room with the associated service rooms is in the connecting part of the building complex, with possible access towards the chapel area. The building complex is closed in the direction of the neighbouring plots and creates a small courtyard. The courtyard is bordered by concrete colonnades, facing the two streets with an emphasized vertical bell tower on the corner. In the reinforced concrete framework of the fence, a full height, darkgray steel rods are around the church garden. The church hall and the chapel area also have a direct garden connection. The courtyard, partially paved with stone pavements and partially grassy green areas, provides an additional opportunity for church gatherings in good weather.

The chapel was constructed using conventional technology, based on a plate foundation. It is a one-room building, with an intermediate reinforced concrete slab in the cul-de-sac. Its roof structure is oblique monolithic reinforced concrete slab with folded zink covering. In its exterior, the simple mass-formulated homogeneous building is covered with a fiber cement cladding in gray. The gutters lay along the ditch behind the fiber cement cladding, in a hidden way on the façade. The main entrance is a wooden structure, with two-level high wooden doors and windows, with insulated glazing. There are lamellas made of 5/15 cm sized planks with steel joining profiles at the floor level. It also appears on the belfry. The new belfry stands upon a reinforced concrete basement, made of reinforced concrete walls, carpenter works and steel structures.

The building complex was constructed last year in honour of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation last year and was devoted in 2018.

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