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Project • By Roarc RenewWarehouses


The building in Mandela project has a brick-concrete structured warehouse and was renovated in the 1980s.  In 2014, it was again renovated and reinforced with additional steel structures. The original concrete walls and its patched texture have been well preserved and covered with clear glass, which created an effect of two textures collage. The staircase, as the media for emotional and functional interactions, becomes the most important element in this whole space.   The inner space of Mandela’s four-story warehouse is 40 meters long, 29 meters wide. One fire escape on the east side, one on the west side and together with one west-end lift, forming the vertical traffic flow.With the Shanghai solar altitude angle calc... More

Project • By L&L Luce&LightCities

Lights in Alingsås Jubilee project

Twenty years after the first Lights in Alingsås festival, the two renowned lighting designers Kai Piippo (Light Bureau) and Torbjörn Eliasson (White Arkitekter), supporters of the event since its inception, returned to the Swedish city to present it with a permanent lighting installation to celebrate the jubilee anniversary of Lights in Alingsås. Every year, the festival attracts more than 80,000 visitors, who come to this small city to admire the temporary lighting installations created by students under the supervision of a number of international lighting designers. Over time, the event has carved out a space for itself with its contribution to the spread of a real culture of light and lighting throughout the world. The... More

Project • By Stu/D/O ArchitectsOffices

Naiipa Art Complex

Naiipa (Literally means ‘Deep in the Forest’) is a mixed use project consisted of an Art Gallery, Sound Recording Studio, Dance Studio, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, and Office Spaces. It is located on Sukhumvit 46, a small street that connects Rama 4 road to Phrakanong BTS Station on Sukhumvit road. The project is named after the concept of concealing the architecture in the forest as the vision of greenery is expanded by using reflective glass all around.   Upon arrival, visitors are greeted with the project’s main feature and driving force in design, a groups of large, pre-existing trees in its center. From the very beginning, the goal of Naiipa has been to create architecture that seamlessly co-exist with the trees... More


Torre 61

An 8-level office building, located in CDMX. Built with a reinforced concrete and steel structure achieving large gaps, open spaces and open floors, making them more versatile for different uses of spaces.    The orientation is southeast-northwest, having natural light all day either from one or the other of the orientations, since we have floor-to-ceiling windows on both facades, achieving plenty of light, cross ventilation and exterior views on both sides.   The facades are proposed with exposed steel structures, forming glass panels, balconies and steel planter soneach floor. The planter shave a drip system thus achieving a natural vertical green.The proposed materials are steel, concrete, glass and wood.  &... More

Project • By dito architects and interiorsPrivate Houses

House at Tanguile Street

The site of the house is Located in 180 square meter lot with 30% slope at a gated community in Quezon City, Philippines, a modern house that looked like a stack of white, charcoal gray, and wooden boxes capped of with a gambrel roof. The exterior white walls of the house created a stark contrast with the dark colored paint & wooden walls. The roof fascia and the eaves were in the shade of charcoal gray almost black. The mix of verticals in the form of walls, columns and windows had been balanced of with the horizontal elements of the wood cladding and the carefully placed horizontal slit windows.  The main door, visible from the road, made of horizontal panels, with a solid vertical panel on the opening side accentuated simply by... More



             “Donphorm Market” is a small, old fresh market in Bang Yai area. Opened since contextes around market area is still wide field. Until now, the city and prosperity expanded into. Due to the market has been opened for a long time, so the building is old and worn down. The project manager is also changed to a new generation, therefore, the idea to renovate the building is changed to be new and more modern accordingly.               The purpose of the owner is to adjust the environment and atmosphere of entire market by using original steel structure and roof as it’s suitable for investment. Repair only the damaged roof, adjust the facade of th... More

Project • By Hampton+Rivoira+ArquitectosApartments

Edificio Oro

We are seduced by steel structures, particularly the eloquence and precision of their assembly and presence. That explicit condition of drawing the efforts as they decant in the tectonicity of the building…as in the works of Foster, Rogers, Renzo Piano you immediately have the certainty that Newton lives ... so far away from the mannerist approaches of the parametric trend of some currant architecture. The issue of context is no less important, there is always eloquent immediate information about the environment that guides us towards an architecture integrated with the context in terms of its own identity, where design decisions consolidate the character of the place. Here in Palermo Viejo, it is the insinuation of one more passage... More

Project • By XUL ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Abbots Gardens Self-Build

XUL Architecture Rebuild a Semi-Detached House in North London North London based XUL Architecture have demolished and rebuilt this family home in East Finchley creating a light-filled house with views to the garden.   Located in a quiet cul-de-sac, just outside the Hampstead Garden Suburb, the family of five had purchased the house which needed a full refurbishment. They decided to live in the property first for a year to better understand their needs. House renovations are common in London as there is a wide variety of traditional housing stock that rarely suits the size and activity of a family in the 21st Century. When considering their renovation, this family turned to XUL Architecture to explore the best layout for their needs... More

Project • By PI ARENAStadiums

Football stadium for FIFA 2018 in Volgograd

THE FOOTBALL STADIUM “VOLGOGRAD-ARENA”FOR THE 2018 WORLD CUP IN RUSSIA Main idea: The stadium has the shape of an overturned truncated cone. The facade is made as an image of a solemn salute, symbolizing the dedication of military honors to the defenders of the Motherland. It is a steel shell of the rods forming a diamond-shaped structure, from the tops of the lower-level diamonds directed upward divergent rods of smaller cross-section, their crossing at the upper levels creates a pattern of rockets taking off salute.   Main invocation: The techniques of architectural expressiveness used in the stadium project allowed to create a unique image associated with the Victory and referring to the heroic past of the Volgograd c... More

Project • By RSAA/Büro Ziyu ZhuangHotels

The Chengdu VUE Hotel & Resort Phase I

Chengdu, located in a wide plain, is a city that has historically been characterized by the broad expanse of flat land it is situated in. In recent years it has slowly started to embrace the mountains and foothills around it. At the core of that, the Shushan mountain with its misty and rolling shape has taken hold in people`s hearts.   The Chengdu VUE Hotel and & Resort, designed by RSAA/BüroZiyu Zhuang, forms a prominent public building in the new suburb “Tianfu Vanke City”. This new hotel, despite being in the city, is talking to, and immersing itself in the mountains. With this space, the hotel embraces the spirit of Shushan Mountain and expresses it in an architectural way.   From a western point of vi... More

Product • By MomoccaJulia Collection

Julia Collection

Julia collection is a furnishing system completely configurable. The steel structures provide the vertical dimension, choosing between the different height options. Whereas the wooden shelves give the horizontal dimension to the whole with different deep alternatives. The exquisite touch is provided by the sliding panels, upholstered on both sides with infinite color possibilities. It is a self-supporting system that allows the user to configure freestanding and double-faced furniture, perfect as a room divider or space distributor. More

Project • By Virkkunen & Co ArchitectsPower Plants

Kalasatama Electricity Substation

KalasatamaElectricity Substation serves the rapidly developing Kalasatama area situated close to downtown Helsinki. It consists of twobuildings housing transformers and a switchgear building, all in concrete and clad over by analuminium graffiti fence and an architectural stainless steel mesh.   The location is a central, urban site between the former Suvilahti power station that has been transformed into a cultural centre, and the still-functional Hanasaari power station. The site is located by one of the main traffic arteries leading to the city centre. The area is under a major transformation and the current, partially unfinished conditions of the immediate surroundings will soon change.   The building programme has been la... More

Project • By PI ARENAStadiums

Football stadium for the FIFA 2018 World Cup

THE FOOTBALL STADIUM IN NIZHNY NOVGORODFOR THE 2018 WORLD CUP IN RUSSIA The stadium imagery is based on associations with Volga nature themes - water and wind. Regular framework formed by arranged in a circle triangular pillars, bears a translucent roof over the spectator lobby and tribunes. The building is surrounded by a pedestrian gallery, on which ladders lead, directed at a tangent trajectory.   The stadium and the landscaped park area around it are located in the area of Nizhny Novgorod Strelka - an elongated plot of land located on the low bank at the Oka and Volga confluence.   The site allocated for the stadium construction, adjacent to the historical buildings area, where an architectural monument - Alexander Nevsky... More

Project • By Giovanni Vaccarini ArchitettiPower Plants


DESIGNED BY GIOVANNI VACCARINI ARCHITETTI, POWERBARN REDEFINES THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN ENERGY PRODUCTION AND AGRICULTURAL LAND. A virtuous example of coexistence between the industrial and the agricultural world, Powerbarn by Giovanni Vaccarini Architetti in Russi (Ravenna, Italy) interprets the conversion process of part of an industrial area, once property of the Eridania sugar company, into a bioenergy production plant. Surrounded by dunes and natural pathways, the new pole for the production of electricity from renewable sources is fully encircled by the territory it derives its energy resources from. The architecture of the large furnace building, which dominates the area, offers mutable and faceted displays of itself. Its imposing m... More

Project • By Atelier RIGHT HUBHotels

MYMORY - Boutique Hotel in Hangzhou

MYMORY boutique hotel is located in the foothill of Tianmu mountain scenic spot in Taihuyuan, Lin’an, Hangzhou. Surrounded by picturesque natural landscape, overlooking the distant village and outlining a beautiful Chinese ink painting. An old house built in 1970s is beautifully preserved, with the main rammed earth walls and the wooden frames. We envision the old residence as the representation of spirit of older generation. This became the premise of the project overall planning.   RIGHT HUB has an overall planning for this project, an old house to be preserved, a brand-new building to be built on the original site, the whole site is composed of four courtyards in the east, the west, the south and the north. The existing wall... More