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"M-ENNESIMA"_site-specific structural installation

"M-ENNESIMA"_site-specific structural installation

Pamela Ferri
Sala Ciminera, Ex-Filanda Meroni, Soncino, Province of Cremona, Italy | View Map
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Pamela Ferri

"M-ENNESIMA"_site-specific structural installation

Pamela Ferri as Artist and designer

"M-Ennesima"  is a mobile structural installation. It was born from the artistic and architectural research on the "MatriceMater Stellata" by Pamela Ferri. It is a first example, on a large scale, of the "Matrix Force", of its infinite repetition as a multiplier of Time in Space.


M-Ennesima was organized by the Rotary Club of Soncino and Orzinuovi, Eng. Enzo Montini (president in office in the Rotary year 2018-2019), sponsored by the City of Soncino (Cr) and curated by 'artist Cristina Ettori.


M-Ennesima materialized in the great Sala Ciminiera of the Ex-Filanda Meroni adjacent to the Rocca Sforzesca of Soncino(Cr). An installation where the space is compact or dilated according to the position and visual gaze of the viewer. An experimentation and vision of a precise fractal space called: "MatriceMater Stellata".



In the splendid volume of the Sala Ciminiera of the Ex - Filanda di Soncino (CR), the wings that have materialized in this foreshortening of June make up the M-Ennesima Installation by Pamela Ferri. They represent the Connections and Reports of the activity of a Rotary Club. Immersed in this fascinating path composed of three-dimensional tapestries, the fourth dimension is automatically materialized: Time.


The spirit of the Visitor who crosses these marvellous wings without friction intercepts the elasticity of the time process of events. The curiosity of those who want to evade the poetry of the Rotary story puts all the activity of previous years behind them. The diagonals of the red rhombuses define the relationships of Services with People and Events. Connected among them are the rhombuses founded on Rotary's values: Fellowship, Integrity, Diversity, Service, and Leadership.


In perspective the warning of what the future wants to reserve for it: relationship and gift that fertilizes the territory with the activity that lends itself locally and internationally with Global Grant. A metaphorical hymn that the Soncino and Orzinuovi Rotary Club wants to give to the Collective Memory and to its territory.

Be inspired! Good Vision!

Rotary Club President Soncino and Orzinuovi

Eng. Enzo Montini

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