Maison des Ensembles - ParisXII

Maison des Ensembles - ParisXII

Filippini architecture & patrimoine
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Jérôme Epaillard

Maison des Ensembles - ParisXII

Filippini architecture & patrimoine as Architects

Lively facade

The “Maison des Ensembles” located in Paris in the District of Aligre, is a rehabilitation project for two buildings, with a heritage and provides equipment to vocation Associational, social and cultural creation.

The building contemporary includes multipurpose rooms and music room. Its position in withdrawal of the street has inspired a "staged implementation" its unique façade as dynamic interface of communication with the city and passers-by.

Except on ground floor, all the existing façade is double glazed wall silk. It forms a translucent filter between interior corridorsand the street. A specific lighting of traffic full completed the visual device. In accordance with the facade development, rectangular frames become detached to form bow-windows integrating that broadcast the heartbeat of the “Maison des ensembles” in dynamic image projection screens.

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