Merida Factory Youth Movement

Merida Factory Youth Movement

Selgas Cano Arquitectos
Mérida, Spain
Project Year
Iwan Baan
Product Spec Sheet
FloorsForbo Flooring Systems
WallATA Aislamientos Tecnicos Agroalimentarios
FloorsFlint Floor
Structural EngineerLANIK
LightingTalleres Zamora

Merida Factory Youth Movement

Selgas Cano Arquitectos as Architects

Skatepark, Climbing Walls, broadband Internet, Modding, Tuning, Modeling, Graffiti, Urban Artists, Theatre Street, Tightrope Walkers, Circus activities, Video Art, Electronic Music, Acrobatics, Performing Arts, Manga, Parkour, Audiovisual Arts, Contemporary Dance, Dance Funk and Hip Hop, Dance Hall and MACC (contemporary body art performances) are the recognized activities composing the collective Factory and will join at the consequently so called Factory of Mérida. We do not know what type of filter will be applied in the future to the new forth or upcoming activities, but we intend though, within our assigned role as architects, not to have any filter to anyone. Therefore the building is conceived as a large canopy opened to the whole city to gather anyone who may need to shelter there. This canopy is supported by a series of ovoid plant parts holding different elements of the requested functions, which are treated as independent modules able to be used separately with whole autonomy, regulated and controlled by the direction of the Factory movement.

The activities taking place below are covered from rain and sun by the big canopy, acting like a big termical one meter thick cushion, so that there will be no need to use air conditioning. The roof is understood, and extends, like a light cloud, protective, translucent; constructed with a three-dimensional mesh structure 1 meter thick covering different levels. This canopy will rest on steel columns placed in the perimeter of the supporting ovoid elements up to the highest level, where it joins the Climbing Walls structure made with the same three-dimensional mesh. The whole proposal stands on a basement five feet tall so that the sensitive historical Roman base of the city of Mérida remains untouched.

Project team
Structural Engineer
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP) Engineer
General Contractor
Climbing Wall Engineer
Statoil regional and international offices
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Statoil regional and international offices

Fornebu, Bærum, Norway - Build completed in 2012
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