Mira Spa

Mira Spa

Hong kong, China

Mira Spa

CL3 as Architects

Occupying a basement area of 17,500 square feet, the Mira Spa is part of the newly renovated Mira Hotel in Hong Kong. With a nail bar, 7 standard facial/treatment rooms, 2 V.I.P. rooms, wet spa, a gym and swimming pool, the spa emphasis the theme of water, fire and nature to create a visually stimulating, yet calming environment catering to a predominantly female clientele.

The spa has three main components: The active zone, with the gym and pool area, the quiet zone of the treatment rooms, and the wet spa and changing rooms which separates and bridges the other two zones. An oval shaped entry vestibule organizes and distributes visitors to these three zones. The active pool area, intended to be used as a club at night, is accentuated with white light beams hitting sheer curtains that line the perimeter. A perforated ceiling with LED lights creates the scene of a starry night and adds a sense of energy to this space. The wet spa areas use a combination of water and fire to give a sense of warmth and create a cozy atmosphere. The treatment rooms are predominantly white, with soft light, and feature creative dried floral arrangements on the wall.

The nail spa, adjacent to the entry vestibule, uses curves to resolve the irregular form of the space, and adds a sense of softness to the experience.

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