MOQ Digital
Ceiron Murphy
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Breakout Table Alumitech
Quad High Bar Table
LED Linea LightCaribou
Razor Max 4 Twist
Carpet TilesGodfrey Hirst
Long Grain Pebble
Carpet TilesShaw Contract
Dye Lab
Chairs Trit House
Tami Side Chair

Product Spec Sheet
Breakout Table
Quad High Bar Table by Alumitech
LED Linea Light
Razor Max 4 Twist by Caribou
PIK by Diami
Carpet Tiles
Long Grain Pebble by Godfrey Hirst
Carpet Tiles
Dye Lab by Shaw Contract
Tami Side Chair by Trit House

MOQ Digital

Archway Commercial Interiors as Architects

Merging with WARDY IT Solutions, MOQ Digital had to rethink their workspace. With a whole new way of working, the team needed to hit certain criteria. The new space needed to bring together two companies to facilitate a relaunch of the business, which meant optimising space to comfortably fit all team members. It needed to also introduce flexibility into the work environment to allow for a hybrid working approach and reflect the values, brand and personality of the team.

photo_credit Ceiron Murphy
Ceiron Murphy

A fun and bright colour palette has been used with eye-catching wall graphics and exposed green painted ceilings. The transition from work areas to breakout spaces is seamless, encouraging a work hard, play hard feel.

photo_credit Ceiron Murphy
Ceiron Murphy

Archway worked closely with MOQ to put people and culture first. In the client’s words “words “Archway did an amazing job to transform our office into a vibrant new space for our staff. At every stage, from the initial discussions through design and construction stages, Archway were very professional and made the whole journey very easy!”

photo_credit Ceiron Murphy
Ceiron Murphy
photo_credit Ceiron Murphy
Ceiron Murphy
photo_credit Ceiron Murphy
Ceiron Murphy
photo_credit Ceiron Murphy
Ceiron Murphy

Material Used :
1. Carpet Tiles: Godfrey Hirst, Long Grain Pebble
2. Carpet Tiles: Shaw Contract, DyeLab Woad
3. Carpet Tiles: Signature, Banana Rama
4. Carpet Tiles: Signature, Vivid Grey Goose
5. Carpet Tiles: Signature, Vivid Mint Julep
6. Carpet Tiles: Signature, Vivid Teal Deal
7. Carpet Tiles: Signature, Vivid Squid Ink
8. Carpet Tiles: Signature, Vivid Peach Keen
9. Carpet Tiles: Signature, Vivid Fire Cracker
10. Stone: Stone Ambassador, Casablanca Polished
11. Tile: Beaumont Tiles, Mono Square White Mosaic
12. Laminate: Laminex, White Natural
13. Laminate: Laminex, Black Natural
14. Laminate: Laminex, Seasoned Oak Natural
15. Fabric: Woven Image, Focus 179
16. Fabric: Woven Image, Focus 612
17. Fabric: Woven Image, Focus 315
18. Barstools: IK Furniture, Bengterik Barstool White
19. Chairs: Trit House, Tami Side Chair White
20. Ottomans: Diami, Pik
21. Breakout Table: Alumitech, Quad High Bar Table
22. LED Linea Light: Caribou Group, Razor Max 4 Twist Suspended

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