National Concert Hall


Vilnius, Lithuania

The abstraction of the bull is synthesized in its side and in its frontal part. Its placed in the natural
dimension requests an emblematic figure next to the expression of strength and vitality.
Silences and sounds in a musical composition, transparencies and opacities, lights and shadows,
masses and spaces. Rhythms and symphonies that show the execution of an outstanding plot, as a
whole, in its exterior and interior reading.

The faceted planes assimilate light and its tonal variations with extreme forcefulness.
The challenge of gravity is expressed in the drawing of contour lines and multiple edges. In favor of
The interior of the rooms refers to the praise of caverns and caves, mysticism and magic, the
voices contained by fire and shadows. The ancestral rite that gives a primal belly to the first
spiritual manifestation in the essence of emotion.

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