NEW – New Working World

NEW – New Working World

München, Germany
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NEW – New Working World

AllesWirdGut as Architects

Brave New World

The relocation of the pharmaceutical company not only provided the occasion for a change of its spatial situation, but also kicked off the development of an entirely new workplace concept, and with it, a fundamental transformation of the working environment.

AllesWirdGut was commissioned to develop the architectural and interior design concept for the new Working World and accompanied the tenant finish project from conception to completion. The objective was to create a workplace setting that reflects the global dimension of the company and is seen as an attractive meeting place for its field and office personnel.

The new work environment is conceived as a multi-space office informed by the principle of “activity-based working”; mobile and flexible work is facilitated by activity-oriented office space design. The new non-territorial workplace environment provides for varied offers for collaborative and project work but also for a sufficient amount of areas of retreat sand concentration. 4,500 m² of usable office floor space are laid out as a diverse and heterogeneous town that encourages employees to go on curiosity-driven explorations or take strolls while offering strollers a variety of distinctive sites with different infrastructure for their activities.

Lined up along a main circulation route are various working areas that afford insights into current work topics and offer plenty of opportunities to connect. The issues of health and well-being are given special attention in the office. Lounges, places of exchange, and areas explicitly dedicated to recreation are found all over the place. This provides for meeting points and identity-establishing spaces that inform the different workplace environments and enhance identification, communication, and exchange between co-workers.

The different themes were defined and developed together with the employees and translated into a design by AllesWirdGut. This resulted in seven very different areas, from the cozy library to the gallery and the stylish bar, from the record store to the meditative Zen garden.

The variability of all areas also reflects the diversity of the employees and the company itself. From the search for a rental property, the definition of spatial requirements for future ways of working, change management, and scenarios for employee engagement and employee workshops were strategically accompanied by M.O.O.C.O.N and developed in close collaboration into a customized, activity-based office concept for about 180 employees in the new Munich location.

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