NIKE Brand Walls

NIKE Brand Walls

FIELDWORK Design + Architecture
Beaverton, United States
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NIKE Brand Walls

FIELDWORK Design + Architecture as Architects

Designed in collaboration with the Nike Workplace Brand Design group, the design approach was to create a three dimensional architectural branded wall language using timeless and re-purposed materials. Placed at the main entry lobbies to buildings that are part of the Nike expansion, these walls create a branded, meaningful statement of arrival. The walls have been designed to accommodate any configuration and project scale, depending on the site specifics. The branded artwork is custom to each site, while remaining part of a larger whole.

The wall is constructed of salvaged maple gym flooring. Applied in an atypical flooring or salvaged installation, the flooring is turned on edge. By exposing the tongue side of the flooring, the contours and grooves take on a textile-like feel. Within the context of the exposed structure and concrete floors of the core and shell, it provides a lush, warm backdrop that boldly invites one into the spaces beyond.

The walls are lit by both natural day and LED accents, so as the lighting changes throughout the day, the walls take on a different look and feel. As one approaches or passes by, the depth of the slats imbue the wall with and an energy that honors, and is aligned with, the client’s identity and heritage.

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Product Spec Sheet
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