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NRT - Nailert park heritage home

NRT - Nailert park heritage home

กทม, Thailand
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NRT : Nailert park heritage home

seARCHOFFICE as Interior Designer

This site is now in the CBD of Bangkok but considerably a quite suburban in the old days. The House is to be preserved as a monument of NaiLert’s achievement and to be converted to a living museum. The Museum would contain permanent exhibition of the historical past of the person,the place and the family heritage. The historical wooden house is renovated to preserve the precious history. While the new building is created to provide functions such as reception area , small souvenir shop and permanent exhibition for Nailert Heritage house’s history introduction. It is the entrance hall for the museum. Due to the site situation which is a large green area full of dense plants in the mid of the city, probably, one of the only large green area left the Bangkok. Our design concept is based upon the idea of preserving the existing trees and emphasize the surrounded nature while the building would camouflage into the garden. The Architecture is intended to exist as a glass house that floated silently in the midst of this unique forest. The structure is specially designed to be thin horizon plane supported by round columns, which are not in a typical grid, but rather random manner. Using round random columns, they all merge to the existing tree trunks as if they are co exist. The first building is reception hall and souvenir shop. The function is separated by two glass room. One is a rectangular in plan while another, orbed. The glass is full side from floor to ceiling. Conversation was created between these two transparent volume. Since transparent glass cannot be seen, the explanation only lies in the experience of space they create. Connected with wooden deck the building in behind was intented to be coffee shop and small bistro. Open deck under the big tree become great place to enjoy the park. All existing trees ,penetrate through the building’s planes from ground up toward the roof, have become part of the building. The construction process has found quite difficulties to achieve this but the result is quite successful. From the road, the Architecture is merely seen as only thin horizon planes under the shadowplay of the trees trunks and leaves ,while from the sky, the roof can hardly seen at all. They are covered by large green canopy of the trees. The Architecture merges into the context in a subtle presence.

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