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Product Spec Sheet

FlooringForbo Flooring Systems
Lighting: CubicLIGHTNET
FlooringAtlas Concorde
Furniture SupplyK.S.Büro
Ceiling SystemsSaint-Gobain Ecophon

Product Spec Sheet
Lighting: Cubic
by Arlight
Furniture Supply
Ceiling Systems


QPRO as Lighting design

The office of company PROFI.RU is a modern interior where people dynamically work. This space was designed in such a way in order to create the most comfortable conditions for every employee. The PROFI.RU office is a multifunctional space where you can find anything you need for a work: comfortable meeting rooms, open and closed places for communication, soft areas for relaxation, workplaces, kitchen and conference room. This space required appropriate lighting, which create the right atmosphere for productive work, leisure and communication.


This space required appropriate lighting, which create the right atmosphere for productive work, leisure and communication. PROFI.RU is a space with an open ceiling where communications are located. Considering this fact, the choice of lighting equipment was limited. For general lighting were chosen cylindrical pendant lamps.


To illuminate the columns were used surface luminaries. Tracks projectors work as accent lighting in the room. LED direct and reflected light floor lamps with a color temperature of 4000K ensure the maximum level of light comfort and visually relieve at each workplace. You can adjust the amount of light using multisensor dimming technology. For the conference hall (forum) was necessary to provide two lighting scenarios depending on the type of events. There are spotlights and hanging cylinders with different color temperatures (3000K and 4000K) in this area.


The office is equipped with floor lamps. Their power is regulated by automatic sensors and can be adjusted individually. And the reflected light emphasizes the geometry and many details of the open ceiling. Floor lamps are an interesting and simple solution that gives serious cost savings. With the advent of the new office, the total area and number of jobs increased by 50%, while energy consumption increased by only 6%.


The central element of the office is a glass table in a dichroic film. The light from the spotlights refracts through the surface of the table and is reflected on the ceiling by iridescent tints. And the sunlight passing through the table fills the interior with different colors. Office lighting is constantly changing, depending on the weather and time of day.


Material Used :
1. Flooring: TOLI, Forbo, SIBERIAN FLOORS, Atlas Concorde
2. Lighting: Lightnet Cubic, VAKK, Arlight
3. Ceiling Systems: Ecophon
4. Furniture Supply: K.S.Büro
5. Lighting Engineering: QPRO
6. Lighting Supply: QPRO

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