On On Nature Restaurant

On On Nature Restaurant

Studiobase Architects Taiwan
Taichung, North District, Taichung City, Taiwan | View Map
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Famwood Design

On On Nature Restaurant

Studiobase Architects Taiwan as Architects

The linear project site is located in front of the platform of Shi-Gang train station, which was discarded in 1991. The old train line was mainly used for timber transportation. Due to the resource exhaustion caused by the change of lumbering method and the lack of forest restoration, the train line stepped into history. Then the train rail was turned into a bike lane for leisure purpose.


In order to respond to the history of the site, we decided to use lam-wood construction as the main design feature to incorporate all requirements in this multi-functional building.


The 52-meter-long facade composed by laminated wood columns in 2-meter module originates from the extremely linear site paralleled to the bike lane. The south-facing glass curtain reflects the greenery from surrounding environment, it also leads the sunlight into the cafe on 2nd floor. The exterior wood grille shades sunlight and ensure the privacy of residential units on ground floor, and the lotus pool keeps the public attention in appropriate distance like a moat does.


The interior air ventilates through automated clerestory windows, each window frame is arranged between triangular metal supports that connect the roof and transoms. The split of transoms help to reduce the load-bearing depth, so it makes the structural relations between the metal support and the transoms looked light and effortless.


The east wing functions as an office building, we use reinforced concrete structure to humble the expression, so it can be concealed behind the surrounding trees and undulating terrain. The entrance is led by a big staircase made by steel plates supported by an architectural concrete wall, so the hierarchy of construction elements can be read clearly. The semi-outdoor porch acts as the buffering space between stair and entrance, the space also initiates the rhythmic spatial experience provided by the façade and the structure.

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