Ono-Sake Warehouse

Ono-Sake Warehouse

Offices, Shops and Warehouses
Tsukuba, Japan - Build completed in 2016
Hideki Ookura

Ono-Sake Warehouse by Eureka + G architects studio

Eureka as Architects

Region activity makes scenery This project is planned as sake warehouse among new residential area and commercial strip in Tsukuba. Sake warehouse has function as store in local business and as logistics base connection between sake warehouse to customer. Stimulation to the region and meltinging to landscape makes scenery.

Uncommunicative box-shaped store and homogeneous house was built along the town. We separate and decompose architecture 3 volume to logistics storage・store・office. Structure is traditional wooden and attempt various material point to point for example, lumber, laminated wood and steel frame. Above all, we initiatively plan place of unloading and bottle storage not to make blackbox. Roof top and exhaust window ,terrace, collapsible shelter, bamboo blind under the eaves makes environmental performance advance. Terrace has opened to Mt.tsukuba and there is floating from sidewalk eye level which the traffic is busy. It is public space leading to the function of second entrance.

Thoughmaterial of the warehouse is covered with sheet metal and cement plate, we collage them around the architecture with delicately amplified. On the other hand, in comparison to the fast sight of traffic, plasterer cover the big volume of warehouse and show material of rise and fall pattern. Soil wall is not only vernacular material but also icon of “warehouse”. As town sceneryis mainly covered with new material, soil wall iscomparative to them.

Product Specifications
Nichiha CorporationFiber Cement Sidings
Nisshin SteelRoof: Galvanized steel sheet
Takemura KogyoWood Wool Cement Bord
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