Open Architecture

Open Architecture

Townscapes, Streets and Bridges
Osaka, Japan
Akira Itoh

Open Architecture

Yoshiaki Oyabu Architects as Architects

“OPEN-ARCHITECTURE”is inserted in the gaps between buildings ,and open to people,city, and the sky ,and forms small environment by unifying with the sky,wind,light,its shadow and the sourroundings,and it can be external or internal architectural space that involves uniquely japanese notion of layered scale and externality like Japanese traditional HIROEN, In other words, OPEN-ARCHITECTURE”is the modernized public HIROEN. And it is conceived as an extension of the public realm for promoting activities and communications for inhabitants, for example it is the big play equipment for local children ,and it supports adult gathering and festivities.

This“OPEN-ARCHITECTURE”is located in the congested residential area in Osaka JAPAN. It is built on the characteristic site that often occurs in the japanese urban evironment when a site is divided into 2. The site has shape that it seems to be a flag and a pole. And the part of the pole contacts the road 3 meters.It may be said that such a site is modern Japanism in a sense. In order to cope with the fact that the inhabitants who live in congested residential area face closed nature and a rigidity, this“OPEN-ARCHITECTURE” is inserted in the part of the pole(3m*25m)surrounded by five houses,and it is connected to the existing house which there is in the part of the flag. It offers such an environment for the residents and the inhabitants instead of letting the area become more congested.

We think that OPEN-ARCHITECTURE project could be applied to other similar situations, and it is a new solution to spatial congestion in residental part.

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