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The house is located in the Horta Sud area, just a few kilometers away from Valencia and on the bank of La Albufera. The town is spread over a wide and fertile alluvial plain, sunk from the Miocene era, which rises up from Mediterranean Sea towards the western hills of the area. The orchard and the marsh are the most significant elements in this landscape. The climate is Mediterranean.


The surroundings, the program of needs and the daily routine of its future inhabitants require the building of an inland landscape in the house. The building reacts perfectly with the environment and triesto optimize its possibilities. The domestic space is distributed around a patio, “channel of sky”, which is a very useful tool for this climate.


This elevated patio leaves below it a floor intended for parking, storage and facilities. The access to the house leads us directly to the bedroom area (some of them on one side, others on the other side) and by changing the stair layout, which is directly related to the patio, we can perceive the house better… like opening a door, going inside and entering outdoors.


The change of stair layout makes the issue of thermal insulation easierand organizes the circular distributionmore rationally. It also allows us to perceive the spaces at the appropriate scale. In this way, we go up to the second floor intended for the living room,  the dining room, the kitchen and the study-room library that occupies the space under the sloping roof covering the living room, as permitted by urban legislation.


From the patio to the terrace, arriving at the library balcony, the house is always linked to the outdoors and in search of good air circulation.


All construction decisions, from the most basic to the most sophisticated, depend on both pragmatic realities (related to the possible technologies and budget) and on the desire to build a peaceful, bright and comfortable atmosphere in this dream homescape.

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