Pavilhão São Geraldo
Haruo Mikami

São Geraldo Pavillion

SAINZ arquitetura as Architects

The project was born with the goal of being a PAVILION that facilitates the visitor's encounter with Art in an introspective and sensory way, we use sound, image, smell, and route that presents surprises with each turn, almost labyrinthine.


We invite artists to present their work, whether performances, sculpture, sound, video projection and are finalizing a musical presentation schedule and some more activities.


The space is the result of the work of several teams, all in tune; Marina Pimentel signs the landscaping that has enhanced the existing trees and the route, highlighted living spaces with benches made of the same floor material that will facilitate moments of contemplation, the Manufacturing helped us curate artists and exhibitions, and finally worked with the internal team. from São Geraldo, the result is very synthetic, simple and with a lot of personality.


Our expectation is that the visitor is inspired and invited to occupy the space, that each one has different experiences, we present almost a blank board and it fits everything.


Material Used :
1. Castellato - Flooring and wall covering
2. São Geraldo - Lighting
3. Hunter Douglas - Screen Panels


Software Used :
1. ArchiCAD - BIM 
2. VR - HTC Vive

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São Geraldo Pavillion

Marina Pimentel Paisagismo as Architects

This project was conceived conceptually as a contemporary Pavillion using minimalist architecture. Something unusual, a mix of straight lines and dense vegetation. Connecting Nature with our "stone jungles". A contrast of the arid with the vivacity of the greenery, beyond mere aesthetics. By doing this, it was possible to build a connection with Nature in an intense and inseparable way.


Large leaves are a counterpoint to the lightness of bamboos, all in perfect harmony with the existing enormous flame trees (Flamboyants). It was as a game to discover and rediscover the space between walls and Nature, whereby the architectural part produced by Sainz Arquitetura was created in syntony with the architectural landscape created by Marina Pimentel's professional touch.


Conceived by the landscape architect, geometric paths with a dark-finished porcelain floor create a great contrast with the intense green of the sinuous vegetation and connect the spaces. The free-standing benches permit one to appreciate the São Geraldo Pavillion while the reflecting glass used as background amplifies and enhances Nature. The space will bring in attractions and artistic exhibits, which will interact with the visitor, who will thus have an unique experience.

This story is available in multiple languages
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Project Credits
Product Spec Sheet

Screen PanelsHunter Douglas Architectural USA
Flooring and wall coveringCastelatto
Street Petróleo,City-Zen PetróleoDecortiles
LightingSao geraldo
Product Spec Sheet
Flooring and wall covering
Street Petróleo,City-Zen Petróleo
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