SAINZ arquitetura - Sede

SAINZ arquitetura - Sede

SAINZ arquitetura
Lago Sul, Brasília, Brazil | View Map
Project Year
Edgard Cesar
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Sayl ChairsAtec
Glasse DoorsCinex
FurnitureHill House

Product Spec Sheet
Sayl Chairs
by Atec
Glasse Doors
by Cinex
by Deca

SAINZ arquitetura - Sede

SAINZ arquitetura as Architects

The project was developed to reaffirm the current thinking and design lines of our office, in 2013 our office opened its doors in this same space (project also published in Archdaily) and just like everything in life, our thinking and look changed, in 2019 We did a complete rebranding of the office, this space changed together.


Today we are interested in fluid spaces, natural light, occupancy optimization, flexibility, basic spaces and mainly technology in the production and creation of architectural projects.


We use BIM and VR (virtual reality) technology as part of our creative and project presentation process to validate our proposals with the client as well as with our team. Our office has system ready installation with fixed sensors, glasses, servers and all planned wiring.


The space was also designed with the office in mind, the production room is an open space where designers, coordinators and designers have easy communication and projects are worked on by everyone at the same time. This all in 30 square meters.


We use elements and materials that are part of our daily repertoire in the renovation, so that the client can physically visualize and touch what is being proposed in the project. The cabinet design was developed and supplied by Kitchens to present some new finishing materials and their different application possibilities, besides the well-known residential one. The door lock is another interesting element, it is a prototype with biometric reader and digital programming made by Lucas Lopes for his new startup, the idea is to use technology as part of the system and aesthetics of the door from the portal. Cinex has shown some special textured glass doors with vintage features. Sabrina Najr made use of her expertise for the 3mm thick natural concrete wall cladding.


Architecture has to be always changing, following the daily life of the occupants, being a family in a house or a company in its headquarters.


Material Used :
1. Light Design - Lighting
2. Virgula Zero - Wood Work, Doors, Meeting Room Table  (design and supply)
3. Hill House - Furniture
4. Atec - Sayl Chairs
5. Kitchens - Cabinets
6. Cosentino - Dekton
7. Multipedras - Balconies
8. Paulo Araujo - Floor
9. Rifillin - Curtains
10. DECA - Appliances
11. São Geraldo - Appliances and Basic construction material
12. Cinex - Glass Doors
13. Sabrina Najr - Concrete hand made textures


Software Used :
1. ArchiCAD 
2. VR - HTC Vive 

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