Pink Drops – A romantic attic

Pink Drops – A romantic attic

Jooca Studio
Bucharest, Romania
Project Year
Private Houses
Alexandru Prodan

Pink Drops – A Romantic Attic

Jooca Studio as Architects

"You have created a space that tells about me and that makes me happy!" (client's words)"Pink drops" is the story of an attic meant to be a romantic escape from the everyday routine. The clients are legal professionals with a very accurate taste for fashion and esthetics.

They wanted a relaxing space where they could spend their weekends and afternoons listening to music, reading or just admiring the sky.

The attic was designed as a multifunctional space: it is, in the same time, a relaxing lounge, a work-from-home office and a dressing.The pink comfy sofa creates a chromatic contrast with the bluish paintings. The paintings are painted in acryl by a Romanian artist, Iuliana Florea.


The composition is completed with a Wall&Deco flower wallpaper that decorates the desk area. In the desk area, we used a rather unconventional material from a feminine point of viewȘ the metal. We wanted to have slimmer shelves, so we chose to make them from 2mm thick metal sheet. The shelves support are also metallic, painted with a copper shade.


The original wooden construction beams were coated with panels of fine furnish wood. In this redesign project, we have also face-lifted the stairs. All the wood was replaced, and, instead of a classic railing, we have created and entire “wall” of wood stripes.


This attic functions also as a dressing, our client being a real fashionista. So the low-height part of the space was used for clothing storage and the quilted bench completes the feeling of a high-end dressing room.

The small guest room was also redesigned within this project.The concept is the same here as well: uncluttered space, candy-like colors and some metallic accents. Here, the sofa is modular and can be transformed into a bed.

Material Used:

1. Plastering Of Walls With Drywall

2. Construction Beams Coated With Panels Of Fine Furnish Wood

3. Wooden Stairs And Railing

4. Ceramic Tiles On The Floor

5. Wall&Deco Wallpaper

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