Rome, Italy - Build completed in 2014


Manuela Tognoli Architettura as Architects

Portuense 201 is a cultural and creative district, based in an old farmer area built around 1910, behind the Trastevere Station, in the ex industrial area of Rome. The district originally was used until 1950 for the production and sale of milk. From these years on, the complex has hosted craft workshops such as blacksmiths and carpenters, and finally left in disuse.

Thanks to the will of the heirs, the complex has been completely renovated with an extreme care to the existing architecture, converting the area in a new cultural aim: art gallery and studios, architecture and design offices, audiovisual and film production companies are the new users of the area. Recovery and Conservation are the key words of the architectural project. For example, the recovery of the stable, which is now the headquarter of Label201, an art gallery and architectural office.

The structure has been restored preserving the existing volume, leaving interact the walls marked by the time with contemporary materials and surfaces, such as the gray resin floor and the entrance in natural iron with full-height glass windows. Currently the companies inside Portuense201 are: Label201, Manuela Tognoli Architettura, Dugong Production, Eurofim, Gradosei, Archema Studio, WOW Architettura, Quandoo, and art and craft workshops.

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