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Project Hello Wool (woolhouse)

Project Hello Wool (woolhouse)

AU Workshop / Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop
Csóromfölde, Hungary
Project Year
Tamás Bujnovszky

Project Hello Wool (woolhouse) by AU Workshop + Marton Low

AU Workshop / Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop as Architects

This cabin, which is both clad and insulated with wool, is specially designed for use by one person – a space for getting away from it all and getting lost in your thoughts. With positions for sitting and lying down facing one another, it is reminiscent of a psychotherapist’s room and cabin users can either take the place of the person asking questions or that of the one providing the answers, depending on whether they would prefer to think in silence or voice their problems.

Two layers of wool cover this cabin retreat. The reason for this is that although water may seep through the first layer and small bugs may hide within it, the second, inner layer will always stay dry, and insects will never make it that far. Wool is an excellent insulating material, too, and it does not just help protect against the cold, it also keeps out the heat. For safety reasons, the tin-roofed building has been designed so that there is no chance of the walls retaining heat - the warm air that enters the rooftop area escapes via a chimney-like vent and tiny holes in the wood panels around it.

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