Prototype 432

Prototype 432

Bernardas Bagdanavicius
London, United Kingdom
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Prototype 432

Bernardas Bagdanavicius as Architects

Prototype 432 Concept: It cannot be a number but it should represent any convenient numeric group combination framed in a virtual structure. It is a sound instrument which, without functional extension, should be appreciated exclusively as an art object.

A form is seen as a structure constituted by a system of relations and opposed to the substance what they relate. At this point, only the formal aspects of form are constitutive of the value of a work of art. The non-formal elements of the work such as representation, thoughts, emotion, information, morality, etc., are irrelevant because the value of the work lies exclusively in the manner of presenting and expressing the meanings contained. It should be expressed and appreciated exclusively as an object in and of itself, or experienced, interpreted, or valued within a broader context; it is an art object which is autonomous and self sufficient; it represents an aesthetic ideal of "pure form" understood as a structure of elements, which is a certain multiplicity of a unity, a whole. It does not depend on the feelings contained in life, nor does it consists in a re-creation of objects, but consists only in the unity of pure formal structural elements.

The prototype is constructed of steel elements united in a three dimensional matrix structure. Electric guitar steel strings are incorporated into machined heads attached to the steel frame. All 432 strings are crossed and spaced at regular intervals and each of them is has a contact microphone connected to the sound system and operated by computer. It is a closed circuit energy generator for the sound object.

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