Quironsalud Proton Therapy Centre

Quironsalud Proton Therapy Centre


ENERO Arquitectura
Calle Virgilio 5, 28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón, MADRID , Spain | View Map
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Jorge Allende

Quironsalud Proton Therapy Centre

IDOM as Architects

PROTON THERAPY is at present the safest and most advanced radiotherapy technique there is to treat certain types of cancer. It involves generating a beam of protons to radiate the tissue affected by a tumour. Applied in specific doses, the protons can act with precision inside the tissue, achieving greater antitumoural activity and causing less damage to the healthy tissue. For this reason, this technique is appropriate for paediatric patients and on certain kinds of tumour.


IDOM has been involved in the design and construction of the first oncology treatment centre based on proton therapy ever built in Spain, which will start to treat patients at the end of 2019.


The work carried out by IDOM involved the project’s general coordination and management, preparing the different building services and structural projects as well as the required nuclear services in order to have the facilities licensed by the Nuclear Safety Board. We also supervised the engineering works and coordinated the fitting of the equipment while the building work was underway. The architectural project and site supervision were taken care of by ENERO Arquitectura.


The multidisciplinary character of IDOM’s team has made it possible for us to offer the client a comprehensive service, particularly appropriate for projects of this complexity.


The Proton Therapy Centre has a built-up area of 2,380 m2. It is organised in three different areas. The first is the Clinic, that has consultations rooms, diagnostics areas (ready for a PET-CT), training areas and doctor’s offices. The second is the proton treatment area, which includes a control room and a bunker that holds the treatment room, the Gantry and the synchrotron. Lastly, all the other rooms used for storage, maintenance and building services.


The equipment installed includes a synchrotron that generates and accelerates protons up to energy levels equal to 230 MeV and a big guidance and modulation system for the proton beam that directs the radiation to the part of the patient that needs treatment. The proton therapy system, called Proteus One® by IBA, incorporates a tumour scanning system to makes it easier for the doctor to apply the most adequate dose to each area. It is fitted with the very latest in imaging technology and it can rotate 220 degrees around the patient to apply the beam of protons from any angle.

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