Rangwani house

Rangwani house

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Rangwani House

Kamal Patel & Associates as Architects

‘Rangwani Residence’ was designed for a real estate lawyer, who wanted a house that reflects the economic status of his community in the city of Nadiad, as it was his first major investment and life’s dream.

The family being a staunch and dedicated follower of Hindu rituals and spiritual aspects, their brief included a unique Puja room and a design strictly following Vaastu principles in accordance with the five elements of nature. Thus, an elegant glass cuboid was placed in the node as the Puja Room creating a central open space called ‘brahmsthal’. The cuboid and the ‘brahmsthal’ are amalgamation of the Indian tradition and the Modern design. The back-lit divine Tulsi Kyara at the entrance veranda, the inner courtyard, the spiritual Dogmas and the transparent cuboid Puja room form the traditional and the spiritual aspect of the house where as the structure remains contemporary.

This contemporary design started structuring with an ‘L’ shaped private and public area leaving the square at the core as the comfortable family room towards the garden whereas the magnetic North-west corner acts as the living room. The varying ambiance of Bedrooms reflects the persona of each habitant whereas the design of kitchen was so done that it becomes a lively space worth spending the whole day within enjoying her passion for cooking as directed by client’s wife opening to a wide view towards the garden.

The beauty of landscape is captured and framed by sloping roof. The large span of the sloping roof and preservation of mango trees adjacent to the roof were the issues of concern. The concept initiated with preserving all 15 mango trees on site, which later acted as the guidelines to the design.

The falling leaves from the mango tree are the inspiration to the mosaic on the floor transcending all the way to the roof via seamless flow of built masses. The welcoming contact of mosaic on the floor and the concrete sculpture over the fountain integrated with the roof captures and frames various visuals. The flow of mosaic from gate to roof welcomes with grandeur influenced by the Sydney Opera House. The designing of this beautiful mosaic pattern emerging from the landscape and merging into the house, took weeks for the Architect team to reach perfection.

The delightful west facing window with apt size and placement filters radiation and direct sunlight and also enhances calmness of well-lit and heat-free interior. The flow of light and shadows with geometry and textures adds glory to the simplicity of spaces. The falling leaf mosaic patterns, the inner courtyard, the muse, the shadow art, the wooden finishes, the mural inspired from the flora of site and other such artefacts keep nature alive within the house. The vibrancy of fabric and comfort of low height seating defines informal living spaces whereas a very rare combination of mother of pearl is used to decorate the common transition spaces. Each set of Furniture is a unique piece of art, every little detail is perceived and designed, and not just a mere decoration.

The immense amount of faith and belief that the client had on the Architect, emerged as the exceptional quality of the project as a whole. Not many drawings were issued, as a lot of details were intuitionally sketched by the Architect on site with mutual consent of the client. The Rangwani residence is the remarkable example of amazing Firm - Client relationship and understanding.

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