Raum für Helden

Raum für Helden

Stuttgart, Germany
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Zooey Braun

Raum für Helden

SOMAA as Architects

Space for heroes

The Stuttgart advertising agency “Von Helden und Gestalten” strengthens the personality of its customers and gives them courage to a new brand appearance. For our concept, we playfully took up the agency’s website and transformed it into a spatial concept that creates a dynamic across the space in the interior of the new office space.

The visitor enters the new premises directly over the reception. It is the centerpiece of the design and presents itself as a tamed sculpture of lashed straps and building sprouts, from which a space for waiting and entertaining forms. From here, the sculpture developed spurs, which meander in the form of a graphically applied gold ribbon through the other premises and lead into other worlds of agency - such as in the creative area, where the straps are used as room divider, or in the common lounge aka the kitchen, a room completely dipped in black.

Profane “readymades” such as props, pallets and webbings create an urban atmosphere that reflects the world of “heroes and figures” in a spatial context: courageous, strong and concise.

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a+s Heimtextilien GmbHCurtains - Vorhänge
Fabrik N° 9
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Fabrik N° 9

Mettlach, Germany - Build completed in 2018
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