RCF Office
Felipe Gomes

RCF Office

AP Arquitetos as Architects

How to insert an object in the context of an avenue dominated by green and trees? The RCF building seeks to dissolve into the landscape of av. Getúlio Vargas, Curitiba, Brazil, dominated by vegetation. Thus, it would make a hybrid between object and landscape. In this way red appears as a counterpoint, as presence. The project was born from the positioning of the apparent concrete structure on the perimeter of the building.

This solution, traditional in Brazilian modernist architecture, which also serves as a vertical brise, frees up the internal space that free of structural elements enjoys broad future flexibility. From this action, the construction process made the act of filling the void of the structure. Thus, between the openings were positioned glazing frames and modulated windows with maxim-air frames that allow opening even in typical rainy and hot summer days. In the east and west direct insolation facades were placed metallic shutters for better solar control.

The building also has green ceilings, north and south facades with double ventilated facade in ACM. AQUA Certified Building. The plant has slight curvature to accommodate the narrow terrain and respect the setbacks required by legislation. The building has ground floor with reception, bathrooms / changing rooms, bike rack and 04 vehicle spaces. On the 2nd floor there were 4 offices of about 30 m². From the 3rd to the 6th floor, two offices per floor of about 50 m² were foreseen. The underground has 08 car spaces. The entire building has a total of ​​1301.45 m² built area.

Material Used:

1. Jbond ACM – Aluminium Composite

2. Estrela – Aluminium Frames Glazing

3. Otis Elevator

4. Portobello – Porcelain tile (entrace hall)

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Product Spec Sheet

Porcelain tile (entrace hall)Portobello S.A.
Product Spec Sheet
by Otis
Porcelain tile (entrace hall)
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