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Ponte de Lima, Portugal
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José Miguel Campelo


José Miguel Campelo_arquitecto as Architects

Building facing the Largo da Freiria, endowed with excellent conditions for a space that is intended to foster engaging and an asset to the social and gastronomic offer of the town of Ponte de Lima, including the historic center of Beyond the Bridge.

The intervention proposes a restructuring of the interior space to make a mill capable of existing electrical accommodate this new use of restaurant and beverages. The concept of this intervention aims to leave the building and its initial structural intact, building only what is necessary for it to work, assuming it is an intervention and subsequent plasticity with other materials.

The ground floor was reorganized to accommodate the new divisions, which are essential for the proper functioning of the area. Thus proposes a division of areas: service zone on one side and another seating area. On one side we have a closed box to 2.60m in height, door height entrance space where the kitchen is organized. This plan of action has wall to the service desk and support space. In front are organized tables and dining.

In proposing tidy up existing sanitary facilities for both sexes, providing special conditions for accessibility in women's bathroom.

At the edge of space, and enjoying the stairwell and the floor covering 1, are outlined areas of warehouse / storage locker the day and the staff assigned to the service.

The relationship of the building with the exterior keeps the current dialog.

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