Reitdiep ACM Spring Bridge

Reitdiep ACM Spring Bridge

Zerodegree Architecture
Groningen, Netherlands | View Map
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Shaping the place

Zerodegree Architecture as architect

The constrain of the ACM bridge is the space restricted over the water; there is just about 1m 30 between the ground level at ACM and the water surface. If the bridge is ‘thick’, it will choke the space and the bridge is open at all time, perhaps even for a kayak. This will send cyclists to other bridges, obviously, such structure is not a bridge. The bridge must be slim in order to connect the two traffics on and under it as regularly as possible. The problem was its demands on its wide channel width that dictates constructive stiffness, responding to the nearby railway bridge that rotates to open. We opted to construct single 17 m spanning open section in the middle of 40m bridge. Then I aimed to make the ACM bridge the place of encounter where men, on ground and on water, become aware of the transforming urbanity. To witness époque making moving bridge may command the experience. I presented series of energy efficient bridge which rewrites the historical spring bridges, but none excelled the maintenance conditions of a hydraulic system. Therefore I aimed to conceive a design which thin steel box-construction wrapping around the driving deck on its three sides: to integrate two balustrades with driving deck as the main beans. I referred to the Waxman-type modular space frame geometry for stiffness and altered it into a box construction principle by applying steel plate in stead of linear tubes. The stiffness of it is as such that I could accept folding steel plates inside-out. In the process I lost iconography of empty space-frame-trusses and won a plasticity, which reminds me of water surface, instead. In terms of its load path, gravity flows in the geometry when it rotates upwards to open. High tensile force runs across the handrail when bridge is being lifted, and when the bridge stands, the bridge endures axial compressions. As an architect this dynamic condition reminds me of water once more, but does this association evident enough to et this bridge signify that water was information and water was economy? Question remains, perhaps, till the day one sees it and the answer will be still open to the individual. For users I bended the driving deck slightly to form a peak to help men experience a nuances to cross water. What more can we wish on this bridge to become the opportunities to experience the awareness of this place. When the bridge is opening, turning, it shows its third face, bottom side of the bridge, to the public and turns itself into a tower: This will sing a song of a raising city. Over all, as an architect I believe I avoided designing its looks. In doing so I integrate construction and movements then to charge experience in one form, the form that might tell the unfolding Groningen.

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