Shaken Office

Shaken Office

Zerodegree Architecture
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MANIFESTO Experience Functionalism

Zerodegree Architecture as architect

“Form Follows Function (Louis Sullivan 1896)”. “Ornament is a crime (Adolf Loos 1906)” If these credo’s that marked the functionalism are still alive, why is the functionalist’s architecture now become so unpopular? It is because functionalist quickly reduced the function into one objective of giving-form to a building. We think that functionalist restricted inventive uses of users. We think that ‘experience’ of the user’s energy is the key to the next generation architecture. We are aiming architecture that messaging energetic actions! This way we want to involve users in our architectural projects. The brief demanded ‘impressive architecture with limited resources’. A pair of building is to be used as office and as scientific lab. This condition reduces architecture into one floor principle for diverse programs; one case fits all that was what the brief demanded. That means architecture of “One form fits all” like blue Jeans does to anyone. The travelers on the highways see no building detail but the monolith, two similarly proportioned sculptural volumes with large cantilevered floors. The complex is a steel building that uses minimum material. In answering the demand we produced minimal floor plans. We think that in 20th century functionalist architecture space to express mode of users is missing,; we call this the space of experience. Therefore we aim to rejuvenate functionalist architecture with energetic form and façade that is not definitive. We call this architecture as superunctionalism: This is the beginning and we have not seen the end yet. The concept of stacked up boxes obviously brought us diverse office space dimensions. ‘Subtle differences between the two buildings’ are the key to express user’s presence. Minimalistic floor plan is also the principle of the construction system. Façade panels are perforated steel panels which covers 50% of glass surfaces. Monolith with sensual translucency. The light body; lightness makes heavy impression, that is the rhetoric.

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Het Epos
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