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Residence in Skiathos

Residence in Skiathos

Katerina Tsigarida Architects
Skiathos Island, Sporades ,Greece | View Map
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Yiorgis Yerolympos

Residence in Skiathos

Katerina Tsigarida Architects as Architects

The residence is situated in Skiathos island in Sporades complex in Greece.

The building’s design was determined from the site’s geomorphic characteristics and the surrounding landscape. The house is located on a very steep slope in the forest. Its lowest level ends in the sea. The geometric system of lines which organized the design was created according to a self-evident desire/ need of reaching the sea.  The lines revealed a path that begins from the highest level of the site –where the entrance is– and descends through the forest and ends in the water. The house is developed among that path to the sea and becomes part of it.

All the functions - private, semi-private, communal - are lined up in a sequence of closed, open and semi open spaces. The spaces are organized in three distinct zones, that form three different volumes in the shape of wedges that intersect with each other. The first zone contains the closed communal spaces along with the master bedroom, the second contains the bedrooms and is interrupted from a big semi open communal space, and the third and last one contains the swimming pool, the guest houses and supplementary spaces. Every zone is distinguished from the other by the domination of a different material.

The external surfaces of the first two zones is made from untreated plastering and the third zone which has a more direct connection to the ground is made of stone.

The intention behind the choice of materials was to support both the fragmentation of the house into zones as well as to emphasize the perception of the building as a pathway. Therefore, all the roofs are treated as paths and covered with stone slates

Material Used :

1. EXPA – Doors and Windows

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