Restoration of a house in the orchard

Restoration of a house in the orchard

Laura Ortín Architecture
Beniaján, Spain
Project Year
Private Houses
Deseo Márquez

Restoration of a house in the orchard

Laura Ortín Architecture as Architects

Previous state //

This house is more than 50 years old. It was built with materials from the environment and old techniques, for example, thick stone and adobe walls. The roofs were formed with wooden beams and flat alicantina tiles.

A few extensions were built with null functional relation over time.


The floor: it has made a sanitary forge and the perimetral walls are waterproofed to isolate the house from the humid soil.

The vertical structure: the thick walls are maintained because they have big insulating value, all except the central ones that are replaced by metallic structure.

The horizontal structure: the wood beams are changed by new ones and above them a sandwich panels are placed that solve the thermal insulation. The original tiles are kept.

Facade: the 'superfluous' elements are removed and the carpentries are replaced. The bars are changed by a sliding shutter system.


The new interior metal structure allows an open inner patio. A more organic and transparent space is created that allows the fluidity and the exchange of uses.

The chosen materials are resin for the floor, pine wood in autoclave for the facade or lacquered iron for the staircase. All of them austere but warm materials that enables the family to choose their own habitat.


All the furniture (wardrobes, shelves, stairs, washbasins, etc.) are designed by the studio with the same functional and material criteria, democracy and frugality.

Three tables have an organic special design. The living, dining and kitchen ones. They are made with the beams that were discarded from the rehabilitation.

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LightingFARO Barcelona
PVC floorTarkett
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PVC floor
by Tarkett
by Meduca
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