Camposaz as Architects

Camposaz is a wood self-construction workshop in 1:1 scale. The Collective is known for his collaborative and site-specific approach.

Current workshops are open to architects, designers, carpenters between 18 and 35 years of age. Living in close contact during 10 days, they design and build wood installations, based on specific themes, aiming at enhancing the landscape.


Often responding to the specificities of a particular landscape, they create conditions and formats that allow different voices to coexist and shape their building process.

Over the course of the Walk&Talk Festival, they hosted a community workshop that saw people come together from Italy, France and Portugal to develop a concept and realise a temporary seating and viewing platform where people are encourage to share local stories and memories. 

The installation helps the visitor to observe the landscape in an alternative way. It’s a point of contact, a place of departure for new perspective. Natural fabric expresses the movement and as a metaphor, the connection between people and lands. The intervention wants to consider the island as an open space, a starting point, an open pattern.

Each watchtower wants to link the visitor with the landscape through a sensory point of view: the visitor canclimb up, go inside, cross the modules, and each time is having a different perception of the place. Each tower has a height of 4 meters where the platform is collocated on different distance from the ground, creating a rhythm and a gradual growing of points of view.


Beginning with the brief to build an island in an island, they used locally sourced wood (Cryptomeria wood) and found materials to create a temporary meeting place to recount local memories. Inspired by the endless flows and ripples of tides and of water, this architectural “mise en abyme” represents the sea’s connectivity and movement becomes a signature of poetic travel between space and people.

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Hans-und-Hilde-Coppi-Gymnasium Sports Hall
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Hans-und-Hilde-Coppi-Gymnasium Sports Hall

Sports Centres
Berlin, Germany - Build completed in 2019
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