Ribera House

Ribera House

Carles Faus Arquitectura
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Adrián Mora Morató

Ribera House

Carles Faus Arquitectura as Architects

The construction of this house is located on the outskirts of the city, a new environment where the layout of the streets and distribution of the plots follow the same organizational criteria. Our plot has a width of 6 meters and 33 meters long, but the house is occupying only the first 20 meters.


We have projected the house looking inwards, for this reason we have organized the day area along the ground floor, defining it as a large open space turned towards the rear garden, keeping the main joint of the house defined by a central emptying. This emptying was designed so that two large skylights project natural light because our desire is to provide the most natural lighting to all the rooms and circulation paths of the house, playing at all times with overhead lighting to achieve this end.


In this design, two shades took on greater prominence, black and white. The first has a greater impact, since it is materialized along the entire interior staircase. A natural black Marquina marble has been chosen for the footprints and the railing has been constructed using a black lacquered steel sheet.


The exterior takes on greater importance in its opposite, white, using a large porcelain tile covered with gray veins on the base of the façade, and from the first height it was made using a white mortar.

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