Riera House

Javier Barba as Architects

This house is one of the first projects by Javier Barba and, indeed, the first bioclimatic project. The condition of the land, steep slope ,with a busy road crossing on the top, the orientation and good views, led to the decision of half-burying the house. Thus, the roof is integrated into the natural slope of the hill, minimizing the visual impact on the landscape and making use of natural thermal and acoustic insulation.

The entry to the house resembles the entrance to a cave: a few steps lead into the hall, which opens onto a courtyard through which the light floods into the living room. The elongated floor plan faces south, so all rooms enjoy natural light, encourages the circulation of air and offering spectacular views of the Mediterranean coast.

The house,partially burying with green roofs and concrete walls achieves significant en-ergy savings. The predominance of straight lines in the plan of the house is only broken by the semicircular design of one of the walls, which houses the living room.

This project was selected by the European Commission within the Project MonitorProgram in 1989, and in the George Wright Forum, as an example of one of the world’s best sustainable houses, which is integrated into the environment.

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