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River Space Kostanjevica na Krki

Carlos Mourao Periera as Architects

The proposal consists in a water installation for a culture and leisure appropriation. An inclusive functional program with the exhibition of fluvial botanic contents provides river baths to all the users including disabled people, pregnant women, children and the elderly.

The natural morphological diversity of the river Krki found sits meaning on the urban agglomerate of Kostanjevica in an isle in the middle of the river. The intervention looks forward to explore the local morphology setting up on a small natural isle articulated to the river bank with a pre-existent wooden bridge. The project is organized in a single rectangular piece contrasting with the local organic geometry. The small isle and its bridge allow a natural transition on the access to the construction.

The installation is realized in wood coming from a sustainable plantation. Pieces moulded in massive wood with natural punctual wholes of rounded sharps are built in order to allow an open junction to the passage of the fluvial stream, resulting in linear water jets, emphasizing the tactile space.

The proposal is organized in a main tank that includes tactile secondary tanks for the exhibition of fluvial botanic contents with accessible paths through a ramp.

The main strategy for the orientation of the blind and low vision users consists on fixing a reference guide through a handrail that incorporates the tactile information. It also allows the reading of the inherent legends to the mentioned contents in the exhibition. The social spaces of this place are set by chairs dipped and shaped in the installation and disposed along the river. This organization allows isolated appropriation and sociability spaces set to two different scenarios: a general panorama of the urban agglomerate and a clear opposition with the virgin natural landscape. It was conceptually decided to develop this project as a movable installation. The water recycle is natural, making use of the hydro-dynamic energy of the place.

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