Riverside Apartment in Warsaw

Riverside Apartment in Warsaw

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Riverside Apartment in Warsaw

DYMITR MALCEW as Architects

The design concept for this 200sqm apartment in the centre of Warsaw, Poland was inspired by the Vistula river, which can be seen from its windows. Light hues, earthy tones and natural material selection is referencing natural color palette of sandy banks of the river.

The brief was formulated through conversations with the client, and the main objective of the project was to design a timeless, high-end apartment which at the same time allows to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The design language combines with a natural, relaxed vibe with a certain level of sophistication and timeless elegance, however without being flashy or gimmicky. From the very early stage we referred to the idea of an understated luxury as the overall theme and design approach.

The project has started in the midst of the pandemic and its was critical to address the new way we live, work and play. The apartment is equipped with the wellness area, home office and a number ofofsmaller nooks. Thesecorners with comfortable armchairs and sofas in a various and unexpectedlocations of the apartment created moments focus time, relaxation or even zoom calls.

This multifunctional apartment was designed to “hug” its habitants with rounded details, soft architecture, and authentic, highly tactile finishes. Thesensorial and relaxing environment supports mental wellness but also physical well-being.

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