Roofs and windows near wall behaviour

Roofs and windows near wall behaviour

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Roofs and windows near wall behaviour

Miya Akiko Architecture Atelier as Architects

This small house is a residence for the owner-chef of the restaurant that we also designed, called „WALL BEHAVIOUR“. As this house stands by the restaurant, which was designed using walls to make an intimate area connecting its own outside scenes from each table, it was important how it appears from the restaurant. Thus, we chose to use the same elements as the nearby houses, such as roofs and windows, and to manipulate thier scale and perspective to make it feel that the house was further away and stands further back into the landscape, like a cubist picture.


We articulated the house as four small pieces gathered together like a rock in the landscape of the corner of the site, tilted all four roofs towards the restaurant, lowered the floor deeper than the ground level, and made the lowest part of the roof 1.4 meters high.The window size is 1.2 meters throughout. It’s a large size for a small house, you might even go in and out through it, imagining the drawings of a house by a small child or a picture book fantasy.


Inside the house, the relation of these same-sized windows and the floors of varying heights creates scenes beyond expectation as one moves. You may find the ground, the sky, the field, the restaurant, and also an exterior wall of your own, like an unknown scenery.


These internal and external experiences make you feel you are in another place while still being in no other place.

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