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Roskilde University

Henning Larsen
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Roskilde University

Henning Larsen as Architects

In 1996 Henning Larsen Architects won the international architectural competition on the design of an overall extension plan for Roskilde University as well as the design of a number of buildings within this plan.

The masterplan adds two new angular buildings to Roskilde University – one to the north and one to the south. Stages two, three and four constitute the demarcation of Roskilde University with the southern angel that comprises Roskilde University Library, among other facilities. With its detached lecture hall building, stage three constitutes a significant demarcation of Roskilde University. By means of a glass corridor, the lecture hall is connected to the angular building, which houses the courses on social science and business economics. Stage four comprises the department of mathematics and physics and, together with the gables of the library building, it constitutes the main entrance to the University and the arrivals area, which has access to the library. The building facility has been adapted to the hilly landscape. Towards the east where the area is at its highest, the building has two floors while it has three floors towards the west where the landscape slopes down to the lake.

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