SECAD Offices

SECAD Offices

MCVR Studio
Huaqiao International Innovation Harbor en Kunshan, China | View Map
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SECAD Offices

MCVR Studio as Architects

The project is approached from a net and universal interpretation of an ordinary space, designed to allow a traditional distribution in spaces of greater or lesser size: offices, meeting rooms, work rooms and distribution halls. In contrast, an alternative work environment is proposed where fluidity, flexibility and adaptability generate a dynamic and open space for the multiplicity of activities and the simultaneity of visuals.


Bright bubbles are arranged floating in the space enclosing private office spaces and meeting rooms that generate a dialogue between inside and outside. The space of origin is, therefore, fragmented, offering the possibility of choosing the workspace according to the activity, the number of people, the need for light, privacy, etc ... As a traveler would do in a Chinese garden, the space is discovered, walked and experienced little by little, offering multidirectional visuals which focus the rest of the spaces which are to be discovered.


The space is fluid and dynamic; There is neither a beginning nor an end. Each user is free to choose and experience their own spatial sequence, taking the bubbles as references within the space. On the floor, the bubbles exert an area of ​​influence generating an intermediate space which holds shared uses between the interior and the exterior. The surface becomes a subtle access threshold whose color and texture announce a variation in the atmosphere inside.


The materiality of the bubbles is key to the experimentation of the different spaces. Its limit is conceived as a membrane composed of a shiny skin on the outside and translucent on the inside by way of enclosure, and transparent bones by way of structure. When the light crosses the membrane, an x-ray image of the membrane is generated where the physical weight of the material is no longer visible but its density.


Thus, the membrane becomes a weightless vacuum composed of air and light giving an ambiguous and changing image depending on the time and place from which it is observed. Inside, the brightness of the skin becomes translucent, generating an abstract and neutral space, flooded by the light coming from outside. Any spatial reference to the outside is lost and the activity of the center is filtered generating undefined gaseous images on its walls.


On the other hand, the exhibition space is conceived as an alter ego to the workspace: the dynamic becomes static; the fluid becomes focal; and the multiplicity becomes singularity. The space is not discovered, but presented at once. There are no surprises which await nor questions to be asked. It is a sober and direct space which intention is not to distract the visitor from the really important elements there: the exhibition materials. The unidirectionality of the space is emphasized by the presence of 6 tables hanging from the ceiling. Once the exhibition material is placed on top of them, they are reduced to long and simple floating line in the space, giving their prominence and weightlessness to the exhibition material.

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