Seedomizil Lochau

Seedomizil Lochau

Gohm Hiessberger Architects

Lochau, Austria | View Map
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Dietmar Walser

Seedomizil Lochau

Gohm Hiessberger Architects as Architects

The property is situated directly at the lake Constance and opens the view to the mountains and the landscape. The architects have developed the project from outside to inside, starting from the urban space and ending with the ground plans. The result are 13 houses, which are increasing in the height to the middle of the site and which are composed as clusters of 3 or 4 houses around a yard. Based on this constellation the urban space is created and the design of the gardens is defined. At the outer boundaries there are open meadows located. The structure becomes denser to the inside of the site and you will find semipublic spaces, playgrounds, public green and private gardens. These spaces are separated by hedges, bushes and lower fruit trees, which connect the development to the village.


Material Used:
1. Facade cladding: Brick, Sto FK43 DF red-brown, Feldhaus Klinker
2. Facade cladding: Wooden Screen, Spruce glazed with Woodcare UV, Böhme AG
3. Flooring staircase: Screed or tiles
4. Doors: Aluminium glass construction, Josko Effect 3
5. Windows: Wood, Spruce opaque lacquered on both sides
6. Roofing: Flatt roofs, extensively greened

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Product Spec Sheet

Wooden Screen, Spruce glazedBöhme AG
Brick, Sto FK43 DF red-brownFeldhaus Klinker Vertriebs-GmbH
Aluminium glass constructionJosko
Product Spec Sheet
Wooden Screen, Spruce glazed
WoodCare UV by Böhme AG
Brick, Sto FK43 DF red-brown
Aluminium glass construction
by Josko
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