Seorimyeonga Boutique Resort

Seorimyeonga Boutique Resort

Hotels and Restaurants
282 Samgong-ri, Seolcheon-myeon, Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea - Build completed in 2018
Kyung Roh

Seorimyeonga Boutique Resort

Archihood WXY as Architects

"Hidden" -Peekaboo

“Hidden” was the most important design consideration point for this project while we designed.

During the meeting with the client, the first thing that he asked us was to design the guestroom with its own courtyard space. After the first site visit, we found out that site surround has many different natural contexts. There is the dense forest with tall trees on the north facing together with the beautiful stream. It provides perfect scenery to the visitors who want to stay in this place. However, the other 3 sides scenery wasn’t impressive. However, when we see a distant mountain and sky over the site, it seems to have enough to stay with. According to the given site surrounding and requirement for the guest room which needs its own private space, our conclusion was that we need to make a good balance in between ‘hidden’ and exposing” – It’s peekaboo sequence.

This place is not shown everything from beginning to till the end. It is not easy to see the entry location when you get into this place as what you can see in the entry sequence is only one large and big chunk of concrete wall piece. This kind of unexpectable circumstance will give you sense of anxiety and nervousness.

However, this sense will be change to the pleasurable sensation when you turn the conner of concrete wall and meet the water garden. It’s hard to guess the room location from the outside as room sits along the site shape and topography which create background walls within the nature. Furthermore, you can’t see the full wall shape as some parts of walls are buried in the ground. The pathway to the guestroom is designed as narrow as possible, so the guests can see their own space only when they enter the guestroom through the narrow pathway.

Each guestroom can see the different scenery from their own courtyard depending on the height of the ground, the height of the walls, the different gap space, and the angle of each space. Especially, sounds of nature come through the small courtyard will make the guest feel peaceful such as the sound of water in the valley, the singing of the mountain birds, and the falling rain.

Gucheon-dong in Muju is well known for backwoods town in the mountains far from the world for a long time. Those who come to Seorimyeonga in Gucheon-dong, from a city away, would be able to hide from the crowded world and enjoy real relaxation by entering their secret space in nature.

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