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Sir Albert Hotel in Amsterdam is the ideal residence of an aristocrat. The 2.0 version of an aristocrat: a cosmopolitan, free spirit gentleman who feels at ease in every part of the world.

Entering the hotel you enter his mansion: at Sir Albert, guests will not be welcomed in a reception but in a cosy study, check in around a big oval table and have breakfast at Izakaya, a restaurant with a "feels like home" atmosphere.

Most important, they can protect their privacy and feel totally independent, reaching their rooms directly through the lift located in front of the entrance door.

For BK this project represented the challenge to think 'out of the hotel box' "to set aside terminologies that we would normally use when designing hotels, and bring in a different vocabulary instead."

The monumental building which hosts the hotel with its interesting background (the building was a diamond factory) represents another reason of charm and inspiration for BK. The change of function didn’t have to interrupt the dialogue between the building and the environment. The connection with the city life is particularly important at the ground floor, where crossing the entrance, you see on the left the study and on the right the restaurant; independent but connected spaces, both willing to create a relationship with the world outside. BK idea to lift up the floor creates a visual interaction between inside and outside. This deep architectural intervention, (the windows in the original section were too high), let the guests sit in the study or dining at Izakaya, see outside and most important, be seen. Thus the connection with the outside would be important at any latitude, it was essential for BK in a city like Amsterdam, which is one of the most fascinating aspects according with BK, is the fact that through the big windows of the houses one can share the life of their inhabitants.

On the upper floors, the large windows towards the street provide each rooms not only bright day light, but also connect the guests to the lively atmosphere of the street, with its bike traffic. Different typologies of rooms have been designed in order to respond to the different needs of different guests, but all of them with the same relaxed elegance and cosiness which would please Sir Albert for sure.

The interiors are a mix of furnitures, details, art works which yet convey the idea of being in the residence of a globetrotter: pieces of furniture from Italian manufacturers, like Maxalto, Moroso, Ceccotti, art pieces from young artists, limited edition pieces from different designers. Each and every piece could be picked up by Sir Albert during his travels around the world.

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