Sir Savigny Hotel

Sir Savigny Hotel

Baranowitz Kronenberg Architecture
Berlin, Germany | View Map
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SIR SAVIGNY HOTEL, Berlin, Germany

Baranowitz Kronenberg Architecture as Interior Architects

Berlin's Charlottenburg district is the fertile ground from which Sir Savigny's narrative sprang up. The district  flamboyant urban life of great social and cultural heritage together with  the building itself with its dual faces; a busy street façade giving to Kantstrasse and a back façade facing an 'escape' garden triggered the notion of dual-living. Adding these  to 'the world of Sir' - a new hotel brand which we had the pleasure of taking part in developing and delivering its first 'model, Sir Albert Amsterdam in 2012- and we end up with an authentic pile of contextual layers upon layers to sort out from and  develop our narrative. 


The Sir brand is about iconic hospitality with distinctive destinations for the design savvy travellers of the 21st century. The design of any Sir starts with the personification of the context of any city and culture through the invention of a fictional character whose profile resonates with the essence of place and the brand's DNA. By setting foot into any Sir hotel, you are actually stepping into the world of this specific fictional character. Yet this character is forever absent-present, never mentioned or talked about but rather a silent undercurrent leading the entire design. 


Sir Savigny reveals a dual personality epitomised by The Butcher, an F&B brand run by Entourage group, introducing on the one hand a meat-driven passionista uncompromisingly obsessive to quality, details and people and on the other, a social magnet and king of hospitality.  Borrowing on Charlettenburg heritage, its well established upmarket of shopping and living mixed with  Sir’s indegenous profile of The Butcher, we set to develop our story.

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