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At this moment gas arrives at the port of Barcelona in liquid phase inside tanks at -165ºC. To “re-gasify” this liquid, an interchange of temperature needs to work with seawater, releasing about 30MW of ‘cold’ into the Mediterranean Sea. The snowworld project was born from the idea of capturing and reusing that cold to produce ice and snow for the multisport complex without CO2 emissions. The project is meant to be also a push for the requalifi cation of the district of Zona Franca.

The Project: a c02 neutral wintersport center in Barcelona

The skitrack is designed in a complete integration within the urban landscape of the harbor combined with a total sustainable approach. The structure outside the huge volume of the skitrack allowed us to design a really airtight volume, with no thermal bridges. This fact makes also possible to design a great inside space, free of pillars, beams and pipeworks unlike every other indoor skitrack in the world. The energy source for cooling is ZERO CO2 emission, and moreover the position inside the city avoids the need for using cars, enhancing the public transportation in a area in development.

The project is developed along two different scales at the same time: the XXL size of the skitrack and the scale of the people to which every functional block have to deal with. As well as the city that grows towards the industrial area of the harbor, the concept of the project connects the urban language of the volumes/functions with the industrial language of the skitrack. In between takes place the publlic space.

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Hôtel Fairmont Le Reine Elizabeth/Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth
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