societyM rotterdam

societyM rotterdam

Gelderse Plein 50 city, Rotterdam, Netherlands
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societyM rotterdam

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SocietyM is an initiative from citizenM hotels. It was created for a new type of worker: those who aren't bound by offices or office conventions, wanderers doing business wherever the connectivity's good and the coffee fresh. We call these folk: business nomads. SocietyM offers business nomads spacious ‘creating rooms’, each fully equipped with audiovisual equipment, wipe-clean walls for notes, theories and scribbles. There is also a screening room for up to fifty people, so you can share big ideas with a big crowd. And when you're not presenting, there's a club room featuring Vitra furniture, bookshelves full of inspiration, and free WIFI.


We the people, swear to take work out of the workplace.
we, the people, believe that working new starts with thinking fresh
we, the people, welcome all: slick suits, entrepreneurs, scruffy designers, big time ceo’s, and small time start-ups
we, the people, surround ourselves with style and inspiration, because where you are reflects what you do

we, the people, stand for idea-making, not paper chasing, innovating, not note-taking, so let the thoughts flow as free as coffee, speak your mind and enjoy. after all we’re all citizen of the same society here

so say we, the people, societyM


SocietyM was created by citizenM hotels and her team of partners, and shares its sister brand's ideals. Like SocietyM, citizenM is an enterprise based on fulfilling the needs of a new group of people. In citizenM's case, those people are 'mobile citizens of the world,' travellers at ease crossing vast distances for shopping, cultural or business purposes. Like SocietyM, citizenM seeks to be inclusive, which is why it is guided by the principle of 'affordable luxury.' This means: guests are given the experience of a super-posh hotel, minus a super-posh hotel's effect on your wallet. A citizenM hotel can be found near your SocietyM, so you're welcome to come get a discount and rest up between bouts of innovating.

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