Solo Arquitetos Offices

Solo Arquitetos Offices

Solo Arquitetos
Curitiba, State of Paraná, Brazil
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Eduardo Macarios

Solo Arquitetos Offices

Solo Arquitetos as Architects

"What makes an 'architecture office' an 'architecture office', spatially?

In our case, the construction of our space results from several conditioning factors and pleasant coincidences. We did not made a detailed and delimited project for the office, it is the result of a process, a story, and personal reflection of six young architects. Wang Shu once said: "to me architecture is spontaneous for the simple reason that architecture is a matter of everyday life. When I say that I build a ‘house’ instead of a ‘building’, I am thinking of something that is closer to life, everyday life". In that sense, yes, our office is also our home.

The room is covered with original imbuia parquets, yellow window frames and brick walls painted in white. The main openings are oriented in the south-southeast direction, opened to the street and permeated by a tree-level balcony with direct relationship with the climate and urban dynamics of Downtown Curitiba.

Workspaces and meeting room focus on the structural modules next to the windows, adjacent to living, storage, models workshop, balcony and bathrooms. We did not propose any kind of skin between the main spaces to propose a wide and free work atmosphere. Even the meeting room is segregated by a dividing and glazed shelf, promoting visual communication between spaces."

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Media TIC Barcelona
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Offices, Auditoriums and Pavilions
Barcelona, Spain - Build completed in 2010
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