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STEAM Pavilion
Studio Maha

STEAM Pavilion

Taller Emergente as Architects

If Higher Education stimulates and holds critical thought and has the best professionals and academicians to teach each topic, then why doesn't the private sector work with Universities as a client? Would a private company look to a School of Architecture for design services and ideas ?

These were the questions and thoughts that were discussed among LG Architects (Ramiro Losada & Alberto Garcia) who teamed up with Taller Emergente Architecture (Victor H. Navarro) when STEAMConnect approached them with their design challenge.

The STEAM Pavilion idea originated from the necessity to accommodate the activities that take place at the annual conferences of STEAMConnect. These activities involve talking, sitting, eating and, above all, meeting. We found that Architecture is a clear combination of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Art, so addressing the necessities of the STEAMConnect annual reception would be the perfect example of STEM + Art disciplines coming together, blending creativity, design and technical skills.

We, therefore engaged with NewSchool of Architecture and Design and opened the opportunity to create a special student workshop. With a 4 week schedule and a budget of only $3,500 to design and build this project, we took it upon ourselves to find the most efficient resources to accomplish our design goals.

With sixteen students we designed the pavilions in one week, purchased and cut the materials during the second week, and constructed, assembled and transported the structures during the last two weeks before the event. It was decided early on that a design/build method utilizing digital fabrication should be the process implemented. Since the budget allowed the purchase of 60 sheets of radiata plywood (4'x8'), the use of the CNC router machine at Newschool's MaterialsLab was the clear and logical method of construction.

Material Used :
1. 60 sheets of radiata plywood (4'x8')
2. 1“ PVC pipes

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Minsk, Belarus - Build completed in 2020
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