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How can art invite personal encounters? How might a sculpture offer an aesthetic experience similar to a chance encounter with a natural object out in the elements? These are questions explored through Oklahoma City Architect and Artist Michael Höffner’s sculpture for an invited group show called Out of Their Element/Out in the Elements. The show was planned to be “out in the elements” at three locations – first, at the curator’s own outdoor exhibition space; then another upscale Oklahoma City arts district gallery; and concluding at a rural art college some 90 miles [145 km] away. Knowing that the artwork needed to adapt to several sites, Höffner constructed “Sunflowers,” a work scaled to meet viewers face to face, and which could adapt to spaces made for people. According to Höffner, the goal as an artist was to provide visitors with a chance to engage personally with the project; visitors are drawn in by the mixture of the familiar and conventional with the curious and unconventional forms and materials. Intersecting planes and angles welded together invite visitors to move around the form to better understand it. Neatly crafted channels stuffed with crumpled sheet metal illustrate the architectural motive of bringing clarity to disorder. Over time, Sunflowers has attained a rich patina, signaling that it is fully comfortable out in the elements.

Material Used :
1. Weathered mild steel plate
2. Weathered 24 gage mild steel sheet metal

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