The Concept

Plant - Atelier Peter Kis as Architects

In the suburban green areas of Buda, the location lies along the Máriaremetei street. This public facility of multiple pools is able to host different audiences and several activities from swimming lessons of neighbouring schools through water polo trainings to international swimming competitions. 

The covered, 50×25 meters long course pool, with grandstands on both sides can be divided in two, simultaneously providing space for visitors and professional trainings. Further on an outdoor pool on the South side of the facility is conceived, also proportioned for water polo competitions. Another 20×10 meters educational pool serves the need of schools of the area. Fitness facilities and a wellness bar complete the visitor experience.


Two geometric units articulate the main volume, one of them is the barrel vaulted space of the competition pool and the L-shaped form of service areas. Glass and fluted surfaces soften the monolith volumes. 


The spatial arrangement is developed along a central visual axis, providing a vista throughout the whole building. In the foyer the view of the competition pool already appears with the outside pool in the far background. Sport experience is this way continuously present in the most important visitor areas. All mechanical engineering is integrated in the double gable walls and in the crown of the barrel vaulted space, in order to keep the interior clean and transparent. 


The concept of the interior design is based on the distinction between dirty and clean. The dark grey colours of the façade continues in the interior from the entrance to the changing rooms, while the spaces of the pools are sleek, white and glow in contrast with the azure of the water. The elegance of the dark interiors is even strengthened by the brass accessories and graphic signage.  


The Gyarmati Dezső swimming pool is part of a larger suburban green area investment as part of which further parking spaces, a walkway and a wave-inspired garden, that will be realised in the near future. 


PLANT Atelier Peter Kis              Péter Kis

                                                               Bea Molnár

                                                               Anikó Tóth

                                                               Zsolt Krausz

Tecton Kft                                         Béla Varga

                                                               Tamás Ükös

                                                               Péter Tokaji

                                                               Dalma Szunyoghy-Kollár

Photos by                                           Zsolt Batár

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